DPN Joins Digital Preservation Coalition

DPN has joined the United Kingdom-based Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC). The DPC is a not-for-profit membership organization that was established in 2002 as collaboration between various agencies operating in the UK and Ireland.

Their mission is to enable members to: deliver resilient long-term access to digital content and services, derive enduring value from digital collections, and raise awareness of the strategic, cultural and technological challenges members face. DPC works through advocacy, workforce development, capacity building and partnership to achieve their objectives.

DPN is eager to learn about the digital preservation solutions being discussed by DPC members so we can collaborate, work efficiently, and share lessons learned between our two networks of institutions. Chair of the DPC and Deputy Keeper of the Records of Scotland, Laura Mitchell commented about DPN joining their organization, “The DPC is absolutely committed to collaborating with other international networks for the development of effective practices and highly skilled workforces. I am delighted that our two organizations will continue to work together to achieve this common goal.”

DPN Meetings

November 2017 Membership Call Audio

If you were not able to participate in our November member call, you may find an audio file of the call at this link. The slides for our discussion can be found here. Some of the topics discussed were:

● NDSA Innovation Award
● International engagement
● Update on pilots


DPN Honored with Innovation Award

During Digital Preservation 2017, DPN was honored to receive the 2017 NDSA Organization Innovation Award. Commenting on the award, Sheila Morrissey of ITHAKA made the following statement:

Beyond DPN's core mission of ensuring the secure preservation of stored content by leveraging a heterogeneous network that spans diverse geographic, technical, and institutional environments, the organization is recognized for its creation, with partner AVPreserve of its Digital Preservation Workflow Curriculum. The curriculum/workshop series provides a bridge between the desire to participate in digital preservation projects and the capacity to connect local content and resources to that aim, providing a flexible framework for guiding an organization through the necessary decision making processes for establishing a sustainable digital preservation workflow.

The workflow curriculum can be accessed through the best practices section of our website at this link.


TDL Documents First DPN Deposit

In an effort to enhance the processes by which the Texas Digital Library prioritizes and prepares content for DPN, they have documented the first deposit of any member of the Texas Digital Library consortium.

Digital archivist, Ashley Adair has written a very accessible article in which she clearly articulates the workflow and processes taken to ingest two different cases of content into DPN. The brief article provides an excellent overview of the process and shares some very tangible and beneficial lessons learned. We encourage all members to reference this helpful article. Link here.


PASIG 2017 summary & presentation links

One of the best gatherings of the year is always the Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG) and DPN is proud to be a sponsoring organization. Many of the presentations are fairly technical, but there is always a “Boot Camp” on the first day that provides a foundation for those who could use the added context for what is to come over the next couple of days.

This year’s meeting was in Oxford, England earlier this month and it did not disappoint. Thanks to the Steering and Program committees for providing this wealth of information and networking to the community.

Link to all presentations.
• Crowdsourced notes are available here.  (The Twitter hashtag is #PASIG17 if you would like to see the comments.)
All of the presentations were excellent, but here are three that we would like to highlight:
DPN’s on-going peer-to-peer work  (Dave Pcolar)
Beyond the Repository: Integrating Local Preservation Systems with National Distribution Services  (Evviva Weinraub & Laura Alagna)  --  The report on the IMLS-funded project is very revealing about the state of digital preservation at the campus level and the survey results from this project are worth examining.
Sharing my loss to protect your data: A story of unexpected data loss and how to do real preservation  (Eduardo del Valle Perez)  --  It is unusual to hear stories of data loss, but this kind of information is extremely informative and valuable to the community.