What are the changes that DPN is making?

DPN is sunsetting as an organization. We recently announced to members that we will be winding down and closing out operations. We will work with members over the next several months to ensure a smooth transition.

Why is this happening? 

The business model for DPN required a critical mass of member institutions making large preservation storage deposits into the network. During the time that DPN services were being developed, the landscape for digital preservation changed, including improvements to campus infrastructures and increased credibility for cloud-based services. Additionally, at a local level, many institutions found that they had difficulty selecting content to deposit into DPN and difficulty integrating DPN into local digital preservation workflows. The convergence of these factors presented a challenge to institutions as they made decisions about renewing their DPN membership. DPN has lost half of its members (31 institutions) in the past few years. With the declining membership, DPN as an organization is not sustainable. 

Will my deposited data still be held for 20 years?

No.  The intention of the DPN agreement was to provide preservation services for deposited content for 20 years.  However, with the lack of take-up of large content deposits anticipated in the business model, DPN was not able to establish the financing of the long-term model. The DPN Board and current staff are committed to returning any content not already held by the members. We will work with members who do not have copies of their DPN deposits to ensure the successful return of their content. 

Are my data at risk?  What will happen to my data?

Data requested by a member will be returned; DPN staff will work with the member to determine timetable and process.  After all requested data are returned, all remaining DPN data will be deleted.  Several of the DPN nodes provide preservation services directly, and are willing to work with depositors to discuss transitioning their data.

If I am a depositor, how do I sign up for a conversation with DPN staff regarding my content?

Instructions to sign up for a conversation were provided in the letter notifying members of the DPN wind-down.  If you need that information again, please contact Mary Molinaro at mary@dpn.org.

Do I need to make any decisions?  What decisions do I need to make?  How long do I have to decide?

Current depositors will need to make decisions about what they want to do with their data by December 31, 2018. Please schedule a meeting with DPN staff to coordinate recovery.

Does DPN’s shutdown affect my institution’s membership in HathiTrust/APTrust/TDL/Chronopolis?

No, only your membership with DPN is affected.

What if I want my content to stay in the node?  What do I do?

You need to make arrangements to have a conversation with your ingest node directly.  DPN staff can provide you with contact information if needed.

Can't DPN just keep working as a coordinating body?

The DPN Board of Directors has determined that it is best to completely shut down the organization so that all resources can be focused on a secure wind-down.  The deep knowledge gained in the process of creating and implementing DPN can be used by the community to develop a more effective model of coordinated preservation services.