The Digital Preservation Network (DPN) will officially close February 28, 2019

The Digital Preservation Network (DPN) will officially close February 28, 2019.  Over the past few months, we have been in communication (either via e-mail or phone/video call) to discuss the disposition of the content deposited into DPN.  Many institutions have transitioned to establishing ongoing relationships with former DPN Nodes. Other institutions indicated that they are examining options but did not need copies of their content returned to them. Only one institution needed a copy of their content returned to them, and that has been done.


DPN staff are in the process of writing a final report which all DPN members will receive. This report will present as clear a picture as possible of the project and will include a description of what was accomplished, what was not accomplished, and what we learned from this work. Aspects of our work (such as the DPN Bag specification, the workflow curriculum, etc.) that was developed over the last six years will live on and will be accessible to those interested in pursuing work in long-term digital preservation. The DPN website will be preserved in the Wayback Machine, the archived documents and presentations will be deposited in Deep Blue at the University of Michigan and the curriculum and software in the Open Science Framework https://osf.io.


Thank you for your support of the work of DPN over the past six years. It has been a privilege working with you in advancing the thinking around long-term digital preservation.