Job Posting: Director of Member Services

DPN is pleased to announce that we are seeking someone to join our staff as Director of Member Services. As we continue to grow and develop, this individual will focus on identifying member needs and researching and recommending new services for digital preservation. Please see the details about the position at this link and share the opportunity with anyone whom you feel would be an interested and qualified candidate.


Beyond the Repository Report Published

DPN was pleased to participate in an important research project conducted by Northwestern University and the University of California, San Diego. The project investigated the integration of local digital repository services with distributed preservation networks, such as DPN, Chronopolis, and the Academic Preservation Trust. Funding for this research was provided by the IMLS planning grant, “Beyond the Repository: Integrating Local Preservation Systems with National Distribution Services.” We invite you to review the final report from this project which can be seen at this link.


Declaration of Shared Values Open for Comment

The digital preservation landscape is one of a multitude of choices that vary widely in terms of purpose, scale, cost, and complexity. Over the past year DPN and a group of collaborating organizations* united in the commitment to digital preservation came together to explore how we can better communicate with each other and assist members of the wider community as they negotiate this complicated landscape. 

As an initial effort, the group drafted a Digital Preservation Declaration of Shared Values that is now being released for community comment. The document is available here and the comment period will be open until March 1st. In addition, we welcome suggestions from the community for next steps that would be beneficial as we work together. Comments, suggestions and observations may be communicated to the group at comdigpres@googlegroups.com. We also welcome volunteer efforts to translate this code of ethics into additional languages.

* Participating organizations: Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust), Chronopolis, CLOCKSS, Coalition for Networked Information (CNI), Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL)Digital Preservation Network (DPN), DuraSpace, Educopia/MetaArchive Cooperative, Stanford University - LOCKSS, Texas Digital Library (TDL)


Digital Preservation Coalition Publishes Bit List

A ‘Bit List’ of the world’s most at-risk digital materials has been unveiled for the first time today in conjunction with the inaugural International Digital Preservation Day. The list is part of an international campaign to raise awareness of the need to preserve digital materials.

Coordinated and published by the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), the Bit List identifies a number of data, software and storage types that, if appropriate action is not taken, could become ‘practically extinct.’ The full press release from DPC may be found at this link.

While the United Kingdom-based DPC list has an international focus, there are a number of entries that resonate with the DPN membership. One such critically endangered category is research output. Without immediate attention to preserving research data, the ability to verify research conclusions and to base future research on sound results will be uncertain. Time-based media (including audio, video, and digital art) is another endangered type of digital information that spans several of the categories on the Bit List. DPN is working to develop solutions for the preservation of these types of files that present a significant challenge to the community.

Chair of the DPC Laura Mitchell observes, “We have been warning about the need for digital preservation for years and in the past, we worried about a ‘digital dark age.’ But by compiling and maintaining the Bit List over the coming years, the DPC can begin to celebrate great digital preservation endeavors as entries become less of a ‘concern,’ whilst still highlighting the need for efforts to safeguard those still considered ‘critically endangered.’”

The International Digital Preservation Day aims to raise awareness of the strategic, cultural and technological issues that make up the digital preservation challenge. The full Bit List may be found at this link.


DPN Joins Digital Preservation Coalition

DPN has joined the United Kingdom-based Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC). The DPC is a not-for-profit membership organization that was established in 2002 as collaboration between various agencies operating in the UK and Ireland.

Their mission is to enable members to: deliver resilient long-term access to digital content and services, derive enduring value from digital collections, and raise awareness of the strategic, cultural and technological challenges members face. DPC works through advocacy, workforce development, capacity building and partnership to achieve their objectives.

DPN is eager to learn about the digital preservation solutions being discussed by DPC members so we can collaborate, work efficiently, and share lessons learned between our two networks of institutions. Chair of the DPC and Deputy Keeper of the Records of Scotland, Laura Mitchell commented about DPN joining their organization, “The DPC is absolutely committed to collaborating with other international networks for the development of effective practices and highly skilled workforces. I am delighted that our two organizations will continue to work together to achieve this common goal.”