Community Announcement - DPN Sunset

After careful analysis of the Digital Preservation Network’s membership, operating model, and finances, the Board of Trustees of DPN passed a resolution to affect an orderly wind-down of DPN.  The DPN Board carefully considered potential changes to DPN’s current preservation and membership models and determined that it is not feasible to design and implement changes that would ensure sustainability.

The Digital Preservation Network has provided innovative digital preservation services and leadership to the cultural heritage community for the past six years.  At its largest, DPN had 62 members and deposits from 27 institutions. However, membership has fallen to 31, a number insufficient to maintain the organization. The landscape of digital preservation services has changed considerably in the past six years, as have the community’s preservation needs.

Our highest priority is to affect an orderly sunset for the organization’s operations and for the disposition of its deposits.

Recently, DPN stopped accepting new deposits. As DPN implements sunset of the organization and services, each depositing member will work with DPN staff to plan for the disposition of their content. DPN staff will also assist with referral and data movement workflows.

We appreciate the community’s support of DPN.  We are grateful to the many knowledgeable and dedicated staff at member and node organizations who contributed to advancing the field of digital preservation through our collective work. The DPN board, staff, and nodes are committed to a graceful shutdown and to working with our members to assure that deposited content is transitioned successfully.  We are also committed to the larger community in discussing lessons learned.

It is clear that there are numerous unforeseen challenges with our community-based organizations that need to be addressed.  A number of organizations formed by our community are facing sustainability challenges, despite initial momentum. The DPN board and staff hope that the community enters into conversations that may help other organizations in the challenge of sustainability.